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Shen Ti poster mockup

Hello fans!

My, my… we’ve been really busy working hard on our next film 身体健康, soon to be followed by Moonshine and our epic boxing feature film Ye Hua!

Our triplebill screening  will also soon be underway at a central theatre in town!

Watch this space (:  #excited #sgfilms #fortheloveoffilm


POP Goes the Weasel!

Police State Poster Billing

After My Singapore, My Ferguson, it appears that there will be another summer blockbuster coming your way! 🙂

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Happy Chap Goh Mei!


Did our Chinese New Year film 回来 (Hui Lai) make you tear up and miss your loved ones and your past too…?

Catch the (lower resolution version) again here:

Remember to turn on the subtitles (“Closed Captions”) if you don’t understand Mandarin and Hokkien… or Singlish, for that matter!


And let us all also do our part to write to PM Lee to save our Sungei Road vendors…! 😦


Xiao Ning

So the short version of our film is finally out!

Check it out here for the FREE online version of Xiao Ning film and get the Professional quality resolution of the FULL version from our Crowdgift page today.


Have you gotten one of our beautiful flyers yet from your nearest MRT station? 🙂

Xiao Ning Temple Edited Text VintageXiao Ning alcoholic TEXT EditedXiao Ning Table studying jealous editedXiao Ning Whore Edited TextXiao Ning Money Shot Edited

Xiao Ning – Heart of Darkness

This is the week we are releasing the short online version of Xiao Ning, a cautionary film based on the true story of a mentally unstable and morally bankrupt JC girl who develops a frightening obsession with her saviour-mentor.

Watch this space…


Special promo: All who purchase Ji Fan through our Crowdgift site will also receive a free copy of the FULL Xiao Ning film! So please buy Ji Fan now and help us make more films of quality for you.

Ji Fan Info

Title of film: Ji Fan (Chicken Rice)
Country: Singapore
Language(s): English, Mandarin
Year: 2015
Runtime: 28 minutes
Director: Lee
Producer: Lee, ©ChilliFish Productions (Singapore)

Jon Sim … ‘Tan Wei Kiat’
Nessa Anwar … ‘Lydia’
Serene Lau … ‘Ma’
Vanessa Toh … ‘Ji Min’
Cindy Teo … ‘Generic Chinese Wife’
Fredrik Carl Bergqvist … ‘Ex Fiance’
Ely Ury … ‘Little boy’
Nathanielle Tan … ‘Little girl’

– Alvin Quek & Halif Saban … Directors of Photography
– Fred … Soundman
– Bobby … Soundman, wardrobe

Alvin Quek, Halif Saban, Hanafi Mohd

At the intersection where art meets life lies Ji Fan, a short film about the relationship between a Malay female corporate lawyer and a Chinese male chicken rice seller. Set in modern-day Singapore where the culture of materialism and superficiality pervade, Ji Fan is a social commentary masquerading as a pedestrian love story.

Wei Kiat is a Chinese chicken rice hawker who had his path in life chosen for him and leads an existence of droll routine. He is a 38yr old man living in public housing with his mother, an old-fashioned typically tart-tongued Cantonese woman who sells vegetables at the market.

Lydia is a Malay BMW-driving, all-rounded, over-achieving, corporate lawyer from an upper class family living in a big 4-storey house, whose atypical background and strong character had always attracted the white men in western countries that she travelled to or lived in. Throughout her life she has only had successful relationships with them despite the fact that she has always had a soft spot for Chinese culture and men— she is fluent in Mandarin, likes ancient Chinese Tang poetry, her idols are Chinese singers, Hong Kong and local (not Hollywood) actors, she only eats Halal Chinese food and is caught in a time warp of Chinese music and film from the 50s. In spite of all this, for some odd reason, no Chinese man has ever reciprocated Lydia’s feelings or taken notice of these very strong common denominators… until Kiat appears in her life.

When the love between Kiat and Lydia blossoms over one too many plates of chicken rice transactions and the discovery of deep commonality, will they be able to overcome the multitude of obstacles and judgment to fulfil their destiny? Or will they be fated to meet but destined to part, like the Chinese proverb 有緣無份(yǒu yuán wú fèn)?

Jon Sim is a seasoned commercial actor whose portfolio includes clients like the Ministry for Environment and Water Resources (Meet the Tan Family) and Mediacorp (Mediacorp Great Singapore Sale Advertising Promo). He has recently been a featured actor in 1965 the movie, 7 Letters from 7 Film Makers and in promotional videos and TVCs such as for STB (Aaron and Friends’ Long Weekend in Singapore with internationally acclaimed actor Aaron Aziz). Jon studied in Australia for his bachelor’s degree in business, and works for a foreign bank by day. He indulges in his passion for acting and constantly hones his craft by attending courses and workshops like Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting, and Televised and Live Performance Acting.

Nessa Anwar is no stranger to the theatre and TV circuit in Singapore. Best known for her roles in short films like Tudung and Bird and TV series like Anak Metropolitan and Rempuh, Nessa has also done plays like Tart and Haresh Sharma’s Off Centre, and also directed films under the Ministry of Film’ography banner. Nessa holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from NUS and is an SPH producer by day. Nessa has trained under renowned names in the acting industry and indulges in her passion in acting not only as a side hobby, but also as a serious enterprise. Nessa is also a scrambler chick and has presented the online show InstaScram that showcases off the beaten track places in Singapore.